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MRC DTP PDN Projects 2019

The following PDN projects are available for October 2020

Visit the Cambridge MRC DTP website for information on how to apply.


Population and Systems Medicine Projects:

Placental hormones and pregnancy health in obese mothers

Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri

Department: PDN     Project ID: PSM00030


Novel gasotransmitter intervention against programmed heart disease in the next generation

Supervisor: Prof. Dino Giussani

Department: PDN     Project ID: PSM00028


Automated ECG analysis to screen for occult cardiac rhythm disorders

Supervisor: Dr. James Fraser

Department: PDN     Project ID: PSM19


Development of an intelligent ambulatory ECG recording and analysis system.

Supervisor: Dr. Hugh Matthews

Department: PDN     Project ID: PSM15



Infections and Immunity Projects:


The role of nuclear dynamics in migrating neutrophils during immune responses in vivo

Supervisor: Dr Milka Sarris

Department: PDN     Project ID: II12


Molecular and Cellular Projects:

Epigenetic resetting in the mammalian germline towards totipotency

Supervisor: Prof. Azim Surani

Department: PDN     Project ID: MC00071


Building and breaking epithelial organs: an optogenetic approach

Supervisor: Dr. Clare Buckley

Department: PDN     Project ID: MC00079


Understanding neural circuit dysfunction in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Supervisor: Prof. Allan Herbison

Department: PDN     Project ID: MC00080


Mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance

Supervisor: Dr. Erica Watson

Department: PDN     Project ID: MC00081


Role of the adhesion molecule Sidekick in adherens junction remodeling during developmental morphogenesis

Supervisor: Dr. Benedicte Sanson

Department: PDN     Project ID: MC00095


Regulation of genome folding by MLL complexes during mouse pluripotent stem cell differentiation

Supervisor: Dr. Srinjan Basu

Department: Stem Cell Institute     Project ID: MC00097


Identification of novel extracellular molecules regulating gut regeneration

Supervisor: Dr. Golnar Kolahgar

Department: PDN     Project ID: MC00101

Blue blood? Assessing the mitochondrial response to hypoxia in peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Murray

Department: PDN     Project ID: MC16


How to build a primate: towards a synthetic model for primate embryogenesis

Supervisor: Dr. Thorsten Boroviak

Department: PDN     Project ID: MC25

SWI/SNF chromatin remodelling in the regulation of cell cycle, growth, and development

Supervisor: Dr. Nick Burton

Department: PDN     Project ID: MC28



Neuroscience and Mental Health Projects


Neural Basis of Emotion Regulation of relevance to our understanding of the aetiology and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.

Supervisor: Prof. Angela Roberts

Department: PDN     Project ID: NMH23

The effect of Amyloid-β and tau proteins on the hippocampal neural networks and animal’s ability to navigate

Supervisor: Dr. Julija Krupic

Department: PDN     Project ID: NMH30

Regulation of stem cell quiescence and proliferation

Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Brand

Department: Gurdon Institute     Project ID: NMH00053

Heterogeneity of dopaminergic cells across different brain areas

Supervisor: Dr. Elisa Galliano

Department: PDN     Project ID: NMH39

Control of aversive learning and memory by Noradrenaline and Dopamine interactions

Supervisor: Dr. Emma Cahill

Department: PDN     Project ID: NMH00073