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Undergraduate Teaching 

MVST IB Option - Sensorimotor Neurobiology

Course Organiser: Dr Steve Edgley (

This course aims to provide you with an understanding of the mechanisms by which sensory information is acquired and analysed within the nervous system, and its use in the control of movement.

Course Learning Objectives
By the end of this course of lectures and practicals, your supervisions, and your own study you should understand:

  • The cellular mechanisms underlying sensory transduction.
  • The ways in which neurones encode sensory information.
  • The cortical organisation of sensory and motor systems.
  • The processes by which the visual system analyses form, colour and intensity.
  • The mechanisms by which the auditory system locates and analyses sounds.
  • The strategies and signals used in the control of movement.
  • The mechanisms underlying the plasticity of sensorimotor systems.
  • The hierarchies of processing and action within sensorimotor systems.

Method of assessment
This Option will be assessed by standard essay questions. Candidates will be asked to answer two questions from a choice of five.