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Undergraduate Teaching 

MVST IB  Option - Clinical and Applied Physiology

Course Organiser: Dr Andrew Murray


The most important function of this course is to examine the physiology and integration of systems in health, and during some important diseases. This is essentially some of the basic science that you will need in order to understand some common conditions that you will meet in clinical or veterinary medicine. In particular the responses to exercise, to extreme environmental conditions and to major endocrine disorders will be explored.

The lectures will cover diabetes mellitus and the adrenal cortex, and will look at the responses of the body to extreme conditions presented by life in the arctic and the desert, during space flight, and when diving, dieting and starving.

Practical classes examine respiratory and cardiovascular responses to extreme conditions such as hypercapnia and facial immersion.

Method of assessment

This Option will be assessed by standard essay questions. Candidates will be required to choose two questions from five.