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Martin Johnson MA PhD FRCOG FMedSci FRS

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Emeritus Professor of Reproductive Sciences
Tel: +44 (0)1223 333777, Fax: +44 (0)1223 333786, E-mail:

Research summary
Currently, my main interest is in the history of the reproductive and developmental sciences and their historical relationship to the development of human IVF and other clinical technologies, and to their regulation legally and ethically.

I am one of the three editors of Reproductive BioMedicine Online (Elsevier). I also recently co-edited the proceedings of the seventh seminar of the Cambridge Socio-legal Group called Birth Rites and Rights published by Hart Publishing. The 7th Edition of Essential Reproduction (Wiley Blackwell Science) was published in February 2013.

Major collaborators
Kay Elder, Bourn Hall
Prof Sarah Franklin, Sociology, Cambridge
Dr Nick Hopwood, History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge

Wellcome Trust Strategic Grant in History of Medicine "From Generation to Reproduction" jointly with Dr Nick Hopwood et al. (2009-2014)

Links to main affiliations
Christ's College
Centre for Trophoblast Research
Futures in Reproduction Conference
Generation to Reproduction
Cambridge Interdisciplinary Reproduction Forum (CIRF)
Cambridge Socio-Legal Group
The Progress Educational Trust (PET)
Reproductive BioMedicine online
Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc)
Essential Reproduction, Includes Wiley E-Text, 7th Edition

Key recent publications
M.H. Johnson, S.B. Franklin, M. Cottingham and N. Hopwood (2010) Why the Medical Research Council refused Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe support for research on human conception in 1971. Human Reproduction 25, 2157–2174.

A.A. Theodosiou and M.H Johnson (2011) The politics of human embryo research and the motivation to achieve PGD. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 22, 457-471.

M.H. Johnson (2011) Robert Edwards: the path to IVF. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 23, 245-262.

R.L. Gardner and M.H. Johnson (2011) Bob Edwards and the first decade of Reproductive BioMedicine Online. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 22, 103-121.

M.H. Johnson (2011) Robert Edwards: Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine. In: (Ed. K. Grandin) "Les Prix Nobel 2010", The Nobel Foundation. P. 234-254.

M.H Johnson (2011) The Biology of Donation. In: (Eds. J. Appleby, G. Pennings and M. Richards) Reproductive Donation: Bioethics, Policy and Practice. CUP, Cambridge.

M.H Johnson and A.A. Theodosiou (2012) PGD and the making of the genetic embryo as a political tool: A historical analysis. In: (Ed. S. McLean) Regulating PGD: A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis. Routledge.

M.H. Johnson (2013) The early history of evidence-based reproductive medicine. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 26, 201-209.