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Virtual museum

Under construction. A collection of photographs and 3D rotatable images of osteological specimens

The Virtual Museum aims to make a collection of historically important and valuable anatomical specimens accessible as “3D” rotatable images. As these rare specimens are vulnerable to handing, they are not used in routine teaching sessions, but will enhance student learning and public appreciation of these artefacts as part of a digital collection. In addition, collections of osteological specimens showing normal features and pathological conditions will be photographed and displayed in the same way to supplement our anatomy teaching programme.

Access to the Virtual Museum will follow soon.




Historical anatomical teaching aid: skull showing casts of vessels (Maison Tramond, 19th century).


A poster presentations on the Virtual Museum was made at the Alcock Society, 31 October 2015 at the Gordon Museum, King's College Guy’s Campus, London:

Dr Emily Hesketh et al.

Creation of a Virtual Museum for Historical Anatomical Artefacts (abstract)