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Junior Anatomy Demonstrators

We encourage and enable Junior Anatomy Demonstrators who are teaching on our Part I courses to become involved in the execution and dissemination of original anatomical research. Students are also involved in data collection.


Presentations at the Joint Meeting of the Anatomical Society and British Association of Clinical Anatomists at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, 19-21 July 2016

Mr Charles West et al.

  • Variations in carotid sinus location and its relevance to carotid interventions (oral presentation)
  • Characterisation of accessory radial wrist extensors including a unique variant (poster presentation)
  • The textbook lung – a rara avis? (poster presentation)


Presentations at the BACA (British Association of Clinical Anatomists) Winter Meeting, 10 December 2015 at St George’s, University of London

Dr James Black et al.

  • A Multisensory Approach to Anatomy Teaching (oral presentation, abstract)

Dr Niroshan Kumar et al.

  • Case Report: Incidental intraoperative detection of hypertrophied transversus thoracis fibres and their clinical significance (poster presentation, abstract)


Poster presentations at the Alcock Society, 31 October 2015 at the Gordon Museum, King's College Guy’s Campus, London.

Dr Emily Hesketh et al.

  • Creation of a Virtual Museum for Historical Anatomical Artefacts (abstract)

Mr Charles West et al.

  • Skull Development from Observations of Historical Fetal Specimens (abstract)



Presentations at the Anatomical Society Winter Meeting 14-16 December 2015

Dr Timothy Sadler et al.

  • A national survey of the role of radiology in anatomy teaching in UK medical schools. (oral presentation, abstract)

Mr Alexander Rothnie, Dr Matthew Jaring, Dr Timothy Sadler et al.

  • Comparison of the use of reflective learning by medical students and their respective learning styles. (poster presentation, abstract)

Presentations at the Anatomical Society Winter Meeting 2013

Dr Matthew Jaring, Mr Alexander Rothnie, Dr Timothy Sadler et al.

  • Factors influencing the revision of anatomy by
    first year clinical students at the University of Cambridge.
    (oral presentation)

Mr Alexander Rothnie, Dr Matthew Jaring, Dr Timothy Sadler et al.

  • Clinical students’ perception of the role of
    different teaching styles in the retention of anatomical knowledge.
    (poster presentation, abstract)



Mr Mark Phillips, Mr Anant Patel, Mr Paul Meredith et al.