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Conferences and public engagement

Details of the recent and upcoming public activities of the Human Anatomy Teaching Group

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Conferences attended

Educational activities

Public engagement

Conferences hosted

Institute of Anatomical Sciences

Our Group will host the Spring Scientific Meeting of the Institute of Anatomical Sciences on 10-11 April 2017 at Magdalene College, Cambridge. The programme will include an "anatomical tour" of Cambridge and a visit to the Human and Veterinary Dissection Rooms in the Anatomy Building on Downing Site.  For more information, please see the following link

The Anatomical Society

Members of our Group worked together to host the Anatomical Society Winter Meeting from 14-16 December 2015 which was held at Magdalene College, Cambridge.

The theme of the meeting was the past, present and future of the pursuit of anatomical knowledge. The choice of Cambridge as the venue was prompted by two important landmarks: 2015 was the 450th anniversary of the first dissections at Gonville Hall in 1565, and 2016 marks the 300th anniversary of the opening of the first Anatomy School in Queens' Lane.

Key speakers included Professor Susan Standring, Mr Francis Wells and Mr Mick O'Dea. The conference was attended by over 100 delegates, and topics covered ranged from the continuing relevance of Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical drawings to recent advances in medical imaging.

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Conferences attended

Members of our group submitted and gave oral and poster presentations at the following conferences:

Joint meeting of the Anatomical Society and British Association of Clinical Anatomists

19-21 July 2016, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex (click here for poster).

For more information on presentations at this meeting, please see our Research page (under Junior Anatomy Demonstrators)

The Anatomical Society Winter Meeting

14-16 December 2015, Magdalene College, Cambridge (see above)

For more information on presentations at this meeting, please see abstracts on our Research pages (under Part II Projects, Junior Anatomy Demonstrators, and Other Collaborations)

The Winter Scientific Meeting of the British Association of Clinical Anatomists

10 December 2015, Institute of Medical and Biomedical Education (Anatomy), St George’s, University of London, London. 

For more information on presentations at this meeting, please see abstracts on our Research pages (under Clinical Students and Junior Anatomy Demonstrators).

For more information on BACA, please follow this link

The 6th Annual Meeting of the Alcock Society

31 October 2015, Gordon Museum, Guy’s Hospital, London (click here for poster).

For more information on presentations at this meeting, please see abstracts on our Research pages (under Junior Anatomy Demonstrators).

Anatomical Society Winter Meeting

16-18 December 2013, University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne

For more information on presentations at this meeting, please see our Research page (under Junior Anatomy Demonstrators)

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Educational activities

Visit to the SOMSO Museum and SOMSO Factory

22-24 June 2016, Coburg and Sonneburg, Thuringia, Germany

For the SOMSO museum, click here, for the SOMSO factory click here

This visit was organised by the Institute of Anatomical Sciences.  We were hosted by the Sommer family, who opened the SOMSO museum in 2001 to celebrate the company’s 125th anniversary. The museum comprises numerous collections of SOMSO models. We were also able to see at first hand the meticulous care that goes into the production of anatomical models.

Queen’s University, Belfast

16 May 2016, Cecilia Brassett was the invited speaker for an Anatomical Society Departmental Seminar Grants Award granted to Dr Eiman Abdel Meguid, Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

For the seminar flyer please click here.  For a summary of the talk, please click here.  For medicine and anatomy at Queen’s University Belfast, please click here 

Faculty Member at the Anatomy Course of the British Association of Urological Surgeons

18 June 2015, Faculty of Life Sciences, Stopford Building, University of Manchester

On anatomy at University of Manchester, please click here

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Public engagement

Celebrating 600 years of the Cambridge University Library: Lines of Thought Exhibition

The Lines of Thought exhibition celebrates 600 years of the University Library by tracing six key concepts that have shaped the world, including “Illustrating Anatomy: Understanding the Human Body”. Maria Wright, our Senior Teaching Technician, contributed a painstakingly prepared, prize-winning anatomical prosection of the hand for the exhibition. First-year students medical students learn anatomy first-hand by performing whole-body dissection for themselves, as well as seeing structures displayed in anatomical prosections such as this one. This photograph will be on display at the Milstein Exhibition Centre in the University Library until 30 September 2016.

Festival of Ideas: Theatre Production of Professor Bernhardi in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre

In collaboration with Dr Annja Neumann, Research Associate of the Schnitzler Digital Edition Project and affiliated lecturer at the Department of German and Dutch, a production of Arthur Schnitzler’s hard-edged comedy Professor Bernhardi (1912) will be staged in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre on 29 October 2016.

In the play, a Jewish doctor who prevents a Catholic priest from administering the last rites to a patient who is unaware that she is dying. This new adaptation by Judith Beniston and Nicole Robertson, performed by London-based theatre company [Foreign Affairs], takes a wry look at the ethical choices made in hospitals that are as relevant now as they were in Schnitzler’s time. The play will explore anatomical teaching spaces through a choreography focusing on the movement of doctors. A pre-show talk by Annja Neumann and Cecilia Brassett will introduce the venue and the play.

Further details and how to book tickets will be announced on the Festival of Ideas website.

Virtual Museum

Our Virtual Museum aims to make a collection of historically important and valuable anatomical specimens accessible as “3D” rotatable images. As these rare specimens are vulnerable to handing, they are not used in routine teaching sessions.  We hope a digital collection will enhance student learning and public appreciation of these artefacts. In addition, collections of osteological specimens showing normal features and pathological conditions will be photographed and displayed to supplement our anatomy teaching programme.

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