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Postdoc Masterclasses

The aim of this series, launched by PDN postdocs, is to provide a forum for expert reviews and discussion on 'hot topics' and current techniques in Biology. The series is now organised by Postdocs in Biology throughout Cambridge and open to all researchers from the Departments of Biological Sciences. Unless stated otherwise, the series will be hosted in the Postdoc Centre, 16 Mill Lane,. Talks will occasionally take place at the Posdoc Centre, Biomedical campus

Free beer and pizza is provided for all talks!

Upcoming talks can be found on our  Talks@cam list. You can also follow us on the Masterclasses Facebook page and twitter @CamPdOCMasClass


Talks (2016/2017)

Venue Date Speakers Title (with links to abstracts)

Links to Talks

Mill Lane October 5th Crina Samarghitean, Monica Abrudan Developing bioinformatics tools for primary immunodeficiency’s

Talk1, Talk2

Mill Lane October 26th Keri Wong and Laurie Parma Inner and outer wellbeing: A double perspective on the processing of thoughts and environment

Email for details


A'brookes November 9th Rachel Atfield, Tim Guiliams,  Jelena Aleksic & Paulina Chilarska, Translating research: commercialisation of ideas and products from University laboratories by life scientists Paulina
Mill Lane November 23rd Bangwen Xie, Jerome Boulanger An overview of molecular imaging: from macroscopic to microscopic level
Mill Lane December 7th Philipp Schlegel and Marta Costa Developing tools to map the brain at synaptic resolution Marta
A'brookes January 25th Lorinda Turner and Maria Matos Flow Cytometry: from immunodiagnostics to chemical biology Maria
A'brookes February 8th Roger Kievit and Lizanne Schweren Modelling the human brain: psychometric and neurodevelopmental perspectives
Mill Lane February 22nd Meri Huch and Iva Kelava Organoids - making organs in a dish
A'brookes March 8th Chris Taylor and David Minde Time, space and disorder in the expanding protein universe
Mill Lane March 22nd Stephan Clark tbc: Single-cell methylome analysis
Mill Lane April 5th Sandra Cortijo and Marie Peyreite tbc: transcriptional noise in plants
Mill Lane April 26th Nicolas Perentos and Kim Botting tbc: Sheep models in neuroscience and physiology
Mill Lane May 10th Mario de Miguel Ramos and Ewelina Wajs tbc: Novel biosensing tools
Mill Lane May 24th Anat Arzi and Aya Ben Yakov tbc: The birth of a memory in wakefulness and sleep
Mill Lane June 7th Melanie Eckersley-Maslin and Christel Krueger tbc: Epigenomics: when high-throughput sequencing met epigenetics
Mill Lane June 21st Marco Galardini, Florent Lassalle and Stephan Bentley tbc: Unravelling anitbiotic gene function



Organising Committee (2016/2017):




Helen Lydon

Dept. of Orthopaedics


Laura Towns

Dept. of Pathology


Sarah Stewart

Institute of Metabolic Science


Michelle Ware



Chun Meng

Dept. of Psychiatry


Joanna Rakoczy



Sasha Berdichevski

Dept. of Engineering


Marta Shahbazi



Vikram Ayinampudi

Institute of Metabolic Science


Caitlin Hitchcock



Mark Dunning



Mega OIliva

Dept. of Genetics


Svetlana Saveljeva

Dept. of Medicine