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Library Booklists

Image: Graduate Students


Undergraduate Booklists

These lists are available in Word Format and PDF

Part IA (1st Year Courses)

MVST Part IA Functional Architecture of the Body (Word or PDF) - Updated Oct 2014
MVST Part IA Homeostasis (Word or PDF)
MVST Part IA Histology (Word or PDF)
MVST Part IA Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology (Word or PDF)
NST Part IA Physiology of Organisms - Updated October 2014

Part IB (2nd Year Courses)

MVST Part IB Human Reproduction (Word or PDF)
MVST Part IB Neurobiology of Animal & Human Behaviour (Word or PDF)
MVST Part IB Special Option: Sensorimotor Neurobiology (Word or PDF)
MVST Part IB Veterinary Reproductive Biology (Word or PDF)
NST Part IB Neurobiology (Word or PDF) - Updated October 2014
NST Part IB Physiology - Updated October 2014